U.S. Packaging Equipment specializes in designing, building, and integrating packaging equipment that is tailored to the needs of your application. USPE offers a wide array of standard product modules designed for modification to meet the packaging requirements of all industries. USPE packaging machines are built with Stainless Steel and the best materials and respected industry components available to offer a long-life span, superior performance, durability and reliability.


When we earn your business, our promise is to keep it. We desire to thoroughly understand each application and project objective. With 30 years practical industry experience, we consult with our clients to provide options for unexpected future needs. With our expert application knowledge of the packaging industry, we provide a broad view of your packaging need. And, we insure the application is complete, professional, and satisfies every customer – every time. This positive philosophy has resulted in a large percentage of repeat business. We value every client.


In serving our customers U.S. Packaging Equipment offers, designs and manufactures filling systems and related equipment for specific applications at affordable prices. We endeavor to combine skilled craftsman with honorable management to offer our customers a quality team.
As our products are viewed – so will our company be viewed. We will supply products and services that bring our customers back for our products and improve their profits.


“Years ago, I was a young technician integrating a jelly system for the owner of a small craft jelly manufacturer. I worked with the small business owner and founder that spent 20 years building his business. He purchased and we installed his new machines. Machines that cost him more money than he spent on his home. We worked together for weeks to customize his process to work with the new process and equipment. He and I were the contracting team hooking in electric, plumbing in cooking kettles, and ultimately installing the filler, metal detector, capper, bottle inverter, labeler/coder, cooling tunnel and casing system. When we completed the system, we ran his system for several days together. When we completed that initial production week, the owner proclaimed with great emotion that we had just packaged more containers that week than he had the previous year. I have been enjoying that level of accomplishment for 31 years in the packaging industry. I can’t imagine doing anything else”. – John W. Bailey

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